This is the kind of hands-on experience that's ideal for graduates. - Antish Manna, Technology Associate 2007

Infrastructure Management Track

Associates on the Infrastructure Management Track will develop the advanced technical skills required to deploy and maintain the servers, storage, IP data network and telephony infrastructure of the firm.

Network and Telephony:
For the network and telephony rotation associates will learn about monitoring and maintenance of Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and various internet and inter-company connections. Additionally, associates will develop skills to maintain and monitor Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) telephone systems.

Server Administration:
Throughout the server administration rotation associates will have the opportunity to install, support and maintain Microsoft Windows, Linux and UNIX server operating systems and their associated hardware. They will learn about effective disaster recovery planning and data centre management.

Storage Operations:
During the storage operations rotation associates will be exposed to enterprise class Storage Area Network (SAN) technologies from leading global vendors and Network Attached Storage (NAS) technologies. They will learn to implement effective monitoring, optimization, backup, restore, synchronization and data management practices.

Project Management:
During the project management rotation associates will work under the supervision of an experienced project manager, where they will learn practical project management skills and the importance of accurately gathering business requirements, good planning and controlling costs. Infrastructure projects may include office relocations, new office build outs and hardware upgrades and software deployments.

2 years
6 Month 6 Month 6 Month 6 Month
Network and

Specific timing, selection and duration of rotations will vary depending on business requirements at the time.

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