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Our Mission

To place our clients’ interests first and foremost

To use our research to gain more knowledge than any investment management firm in the world

To use and share our knowledge to help clients achieve investment success and confidence

About Us

Who We Are

AllianceBernstein is a research-driven asset management firm that is global in scope and client-centered in its mission. We don’t put our interests at odds with your interests, whether you are an investment-management client or a client of our sell-side research unit, Sanford C. Bernstein.

Our Clients

Our client base spans the globe and includes many different types of individuals and institutions, so we have developed a wide array of products and service organizations dedicated to meeting the distinct needs of each.

Client & Advisor Services

Different types of clients require different kinds of service, so we have developed separate service organizations to meet the distinct needs of each type of client and their consultants or advisors.

Our Research

We believe that research is essential to delivering better outcomes for clients. It’s our job to accumulate and interpret facts to reach sound recommendations.

Our Investment Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services across different asset classes, styles and regions, as well as along the risk-and-return spectrum.

Our History

Our firm has evolved from distinguished origins to become a distinctive firm.

Office Locations

Our corporate headquarters is in New York, reflecting our origins and history. We also have research, portfolio management, wealth management and client-service offices in cities around the world, including London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney and Chicago.

Corporate Contacts

Full Listing of Corporate Contacts

For Investor Relations, Media Relations and all other corporate contacts.

Meet Our Directors

Contact any or all of our directors with questions or concerns.

The Ombudsman

Internal support with an external ear and mindset.

Select Client Site

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AllianceBernstein.com is actually a suite of websites tailored to the needs of the different types of clients we serve around the world.

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