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As a DC plan sponsor, there’s nothing more valuable than knowing you have a default option designed specifically for you and your participants—one able to meet today’s needs and adapt to tomorrow’s challenges. Customization, adaptability, flexibility, lifetime income. Those are just a few of the ways we’re helping organizations optimize their target-date solutions. And why more employees are looking at their retirement savings with confidence, instead of uncertainty.

Custom target-date solution means an investment program tailored to your DC plan’s unique and evolving demographics and objectives. Our open-architecture target-date platform gives you the flexibility to mix and switch out strategies and asset classes—including active and passive investments—over time. The result? Improved transparency and cost control, and enhanced fiduciary strength.

Focusing on a steady income stream throughout retirement reinforces the power of savings, improves retirement outcomes, and provides greater flexibility and protection for DC plan sponsors. After all, if an employee can see how much income she’ll receive each year in retirement, she’ll be encouraged to save more. We can design your default custom target-date solution to include a lifetime income component that provides a secure income stream to employees for life, reducing the anxiety often associated with funding retirement.