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Seeing the World Through The Emerging Consumer’s Eyes

Consumer spending in emerging markets is likely to grow by trillions of dollars in the decades to come, creating compelling opportunities in both emerging- and developed-market stocks. Our grassroots research has convinced us that the emerging consumer investment theme is far broader than the received wisdom suggests.

For Private Client - US
April 7, 2014

Fixed Income/Bonds

Across The Universe

How Global Bonds Meet The DC Core Objective

Plan sponsors large and small are seeking ways to help plan participants achieve better outcomes. Over the last 30 years, compelling evidence has accumulated that suggests currency-hedged global bonds have a superior risk/return profile to US bonds, with more potential opportunities to add value. In this paper, we demonstrate that hedged global may be a better way to meet a DC plan’s core bond objective, and we provide how-to guides for globalizing core menus and target-date funds.

For North America Institutions, Defined Contribution - US
April 12, 2013


Retirement Bridge: Providing a Real Choice for Retirees

David Hutchins, FIA
Head—Investment Research and Design, UK & Ireland

Most savers in defined contribution (DC) pension schemes buy an annuity when they retire. But changes to life expectancy are undermining the benefits of immediate annuitisation, so is there a better way to deliver an income in retirement?

For Defined Contribution - UK
April 23, 2012

Wealth Planning

Meeting Personal and Philanthropic Goals: A Video on Charitable Remainder Trusts

Are you torn between the desire to give to your favorite charity and concern that you might need the money down the road? Between the desire to diversify a large concentrated position in an appreciated stock and the reluctance to incur large taxable gains?

For Private Client
October 15, 2015

Tax Management

Tax Strategies 2015 Video: How to Defer Taxes

Tax Strategies 2015 Video: How to Defer Taxes

This video is devoted to deferring taxes—which can in some cases last for decades! We discuss contributing to a tax-deferred account, harvesting losses against gains (yes, that’s usually a deferral technique, not a way to eliminate a tax bill), and delaying the recognition of income or gains.

For Private Client
November 25, 2015