AllianceBernstein Investments Taiwan Limited is the Master Agent of AllianceBernstein fund in Taiwan.

AllianceBernstein Investments Taiwan Limited
57F-1, No.7, Sec. 5, Xing Yi Rd., Taipei City 110, Taiwan R.O.C. 02-8758-3888

AllianceBernstein Investments Taiwan Limited is a separate entity and operated business independently.

These offshore funds have been approved by, or reported to, the Financial Supervisory Commission for offering and distributing in Taiwan, but this does not mean the fund is absolutely risk-free The past performance of the fund manager does not guarantee any minimum future investment profit of the fund; Apart from exercising the duty of care of a prudent administrator, the fund manager will not be responsible for the profit or loss of the fund, nor guarantee a minimum return. Investors shall carefully read the prospectus before purchase.

With regard to the fees borne by the fund (including distribution fee) and investment risks are disclosed in the funds’ prospectus and Investor Information Summary. Investors could check from the Offshore Funds Observation Post System website refer at , AllianceBernstein website at or contact your financial advisor or AllianceBernstein Investments Taiwan Limited directly.

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