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My, What Big Teeth You Have!: Reducing This Year’s Tax Bite

Head, Wealth Management Group; National Managing Director
Senior Portfolio Manager
Director of Research—Wealth Management Group
September 23, 2013

Some Americans will be shocked when they see their income-tax bills for 2013. With tax rates substantially higher, tax-management strategies have become even more valuable than usual. Three of Bernstein’s wealth-management professionals—Kathleen Fisher, Tara Thompson Popernik, and Paul Robertson—explore some of the issues that taxpayers may face.*

Among the topics detailed in this white paper are strategies for reducing income-tax bills. We detail ways to defer taxes—such as harvesting losses (which is a double-edged sword), contributing to retirement plans, and delaying the recognition of income—and ways to avoid taxes, such as obtaining charitable deductions and using 529 Plans and Roth IRAs. In addition, we include sections on understanding the new tax rules for married same-sex couples and raising cash for tax bills through efficient tax-lot sales. Some of the strategies we suggest in this paper can make a sizable difference in your tax bill and help you keep more of your investment return.

*Bernstein does not offer tax, legal, or accounting advice. In considering this material, you should discuss your individual circumstances with professionals in those areas before making any decisions.

September 23rd 2013

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