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AllianceBernstein Equities provides a comprehensive suite of actively and passively managed strategies across geographies, capitalization ranges and investment styles. We aim to deliver the highest returns for a desired level of risk, and we offer customized investment solutions to help our clients meet their specific objectives.

  • Investment Strategies Meeting varying risk & return objectives
  • Research Expertise Longstanding commitment to fundamental and quantitative analysis
  • Global Capabilities A research-driven approach that's both disciplined and nimble
  • Investment Leadership

An information advantage. Our analysts question conventional wisdom, simplify the complex and knit together disparate findings to generate differentiated perspectives, while taking a dispassionate and disciplined approach in order to stay the course in complex and often volatile markets.

69 Analysts

Fundamental Research

  • Cover nearly 4,500 companies around the world
  • Analyze sector and industry trends
  • Forecast company cash flows and earnings
15 Analysts

Quantitative Research

  • Forecast returns for securities and currencies
  • Develop risk models
  • Build optimization tools

A truly global platform. An integrated platform worldwide, united by a steadfast commitment to help clients manage risk and generate returns.

45 Porfolio Managers

84 Research Analysis

13 Traders

  • Clear, consistent investment disciplines underpin all strategies.
  • One of the first asset managers to establish a global research footprint.
  • Capabilities span country, regional, international and global portfolios across the capitalization spectrum.
  • Local research complements global perspective.
  • Collaboration across asset classes broadens perspective.

Sharon Fay
Head of Equities and CIO—Global Value

Bruce Aronow
Team Leader—US Small & SMID Growth

Frank Caruso
Team Leader—US Growth

Henry D’Auria
CIO—Emerging Markets Value

Kurt Feuerman
CIO—Select US Equities

Avi Lavi
Global Head of Value Research

James MacGregor
CIO—US Small & Mid-Cap Value

Katsuaki Ogata
CIO—Japan Value

Gerry Paul
CIO—US Value

Mark Phelps
Head of Concentrated Global Growth

Stuart Rae
CIO—Pacific Basin Equities

Dan Roarty
Team Leader—Global Growth & Thematic Investing

Laurent Saltiel
CIO—International & Emerging Markets Growth

Karen Sesin
Head of Blend Strategies

Kevin Simms
CIO—International Value

James Tierney
Head of Concentrated US Growth

$92B Total AUM
Active Equities
$23B Global/
$42B US
$5B Regional
$10B Emerging
$12B Small & Midcap

As of September 30, 2013

Concentrated Global Growth The Concentrated Global Growth strategy uses proprietary fundamental research on companies around the world to drive superior stock selection. It aims to identify 25 to 35 great businesses in global markets that appear to offer the best long-term growth potential and are trading at attractive prices. The concentrated approach seeks to deliver strong performance over time.
Concentrated US Growth The Concentrated US Growth strategy relies on superior stock selection driven by the firm’s proprietary fundamental research. Our research helps us to identify great US businesses that appear to offer the best long-term growth potential and are trading at attractive prices. The strategy focuses on 15 to 20 stocks with these attributes in an effort to deliver strong performance over time.
Emerging Consumer The Emerging Consumer strategy focuses on stocks of companies that are poised to benefit from the rapid growth of consumer sectors in emerging markets. Grassroots field research is used to derive differentiated insight into spending trends that are unfolding in some of the world’s fastest-growing markets.
Emerging Markets Growth The Emerging Markets Growth strategy invests in emerging-market companies whose growth potential appears likely to outpace market expectations, often due to a combination of a unique product or service offering, high barriers to entry and management’s ability to execute its corporate strategies. The service seeks to generate a premium through superior stock selection—a function of research insight and investment action.
Emerging Markets Value The Emerging Markets Value strategy is a deep-value service that seeks to generate long-term outperformance by investing in attractively valued emerging-market stocks that have strong long-term recovery potential. Intensive fundamental research is used to identify stocks that trade at a discount to their underlying long-term earnings power. A proprietary country-allocation approach aims to reduce risk while increasing long-term returns.
Global Real Estate Securities The Global Real Estate Securities strategy focuses on undervalued real estate investment trusts (REITs) and real estate–related operating companies (REOCs) in an effort to outperform the FTSE/EPRA NAREIT Developed Index over full market cycles. Rigorous fundamental and quantitative investment research is used to identify the most attractive opportunities and to construct a portfolio that seeks to maximize investment returns on a risk-adjusted basis.
International Discovery Equity The International Discovery Equity strategy invests in high-quality, rapidly growing small- and mid-cap companies outside the US that have earnings growth potential that appears likely to outpace market expectations. The investment team employs a highly disciplined stock selection process that marries in-depth fundamental research with quantitative analysis. The strategy seeks to generate a performance premium through superior stock selection.
US Active Low Volatility The US Active Low Volatility strategy seeks to achieve long-term capital growth by identifying US stocks that have fundamentally lower volatility and less future downside risk. The investment team uses proprietary risk and return models, as well as its judgment and experience, to construct a portfolio that seeks to minimize volatility while maximizing quality exposure.
Select US Equity The Select US Equity strategy invests primarily in large- and mid-cap US stocks in an effort to deliver superior returns through market cycles while maximizing risk-adjusted returns relative to the broad US equity market. Bottom-up analysis and macro insights are used to identify opportunities, which may also include some non-US and small-cap stocks. The strategy is unconstrained by market cap, style and sector, and is flexibly adapted to changing market conditions. The team focuses on companies with understandable businesses, solid long-term growth potential and high barriers to entry.
US Small & Mid-Cap (SMID) Value The US Small & Mid-Cap (SMID) Value strategy is a deep-value service that combines rigorous fundamental and quantitative research to identify small- and mid-cap US companies that are priced below their long-term earnings power. The strategy seeks to maximize investment returns on a risk–adjusted basis.