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Customized Diversified Growth

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January 14, 2013
A bespoke diversified growth portfolio, incorporating your best investment ideas, which can be used as part of a lifestyle approach or as a stand-alone fund. The asset allocation is dynamically managed to control volatility for members.

Performance Objective

Set by you and your advisers, tailored to your scheme’s requirements.

Key Features

  • AB implements the asset allocation decisions
  • Client-specific white-labelling
  • Volatility managed


  • Open architecture
  • Single-manager risk eliminated
  • Built-in flexibility

Why Customized Diversified Growth Might Be Appropriate For You

Our Customized Diversified Growth solution is a superior alternative for schemes thinking of taking the single-manager diversified growth fund approach. It leaves you and your consultants in charge of choosing fund managers, allowing you to change the underlying components at any time. It is flexible enough to be used on the platform of your choice.

For further information please contact Tim Banks on +44 (0) 20 7959 4783 or tim.banks@alliancebernstein.com

Note: AllianceBernstein has partnered with AXA Wealth* to provide blended fund solutions which have an underlying asset allocation strategy designed by AllianceBernstein. Each blended fund is a daily-priced life fund established by AXA Wealth and for which AllianceBernstein is responsible for designing and managing the asset allocation strategy.

The underlying funds by reference to which the value of each blended fund solution is determined are selected by AllianceBernstein and/or the scheme in question. AXA Wealth will provide access to these blended funds to AllianceBernstein and its respective distribution channels.

*AXA Wealth is a brand used by the AXA Group. The specific product-providing company for these funds is Winterthur Life UK Limited, part of the AXA Group.