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Customised Retirement Strategies

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April 03, 2014
Customized Retirement Strategies (CRS) is a bespoke range of target date funds which progressively de-risk as a member approaches their expected retirement date. CRS is our flagship DC solution, offering schemes the ultimate in flexibility, now, and in the future.

Key Features

  • Age-appropriate diversified growth portfolio
  • Intelligent de-risking
  • Client-specific white labelling
  • Volatility managed

Benefits for Plan Sponsors

  • Open architecture
  • Value for money
  • Built-in flexibility
  • Single-fund solution for members

Why Customized Retirement Strategies Might Be Appropriate for You

Customized Retirement Strategies is aimed at clients who want to create a bespoke strategy in a target date structure for their members. It incorporates the client’s best investment ideas, while we provide daily oversight of, and take accountability for, implementation of the asset allocation.

For further information and sample client materials, please contact Tim Banks on +44 (0) 20 7959 4783 or tim.banks@alliancebernstein.com

Note: AllianceBernstein has partnered with AXA Wealth* to provide blended fund solutions which have an underlying asset allocation strategy designed by AllianceBernstein. Each blended fund is a daily-priced life fund established by AXA Wealth and for which AllianceBernstein is responsible for designing and managing the asset allocation strategy.

The underlying funds by reference to which the value of each blended fund solution is determined are selected by AllianceBernstein and/or the scheme in question. AXA Wealth will provide access to these blended funds to AllianceBernstein and its respective distribution channels.

*AXA Wealth is a brand used by the AXA Group. The specific product-providing company for these funds is Winterthur Life UK Limited, part of the AXA Group.

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