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Client & Advisor Services

Different types of clients require different kinds of service, so we have developed separate service organizations to meet the distinct needs of each type of client and their investment management consultants or advisors.

Engagement Models

  • Private Client
  • Mutual Fund
  • Institutional
  • Investment Managers
Private Client
Mutual Fund
*Retirement Strategies, Wealth Strategies and Education Strategies
**Our link to financial advisors
Investment Managers

Private clients and their professional advisors work with Bernstein Global Wealth Management. A Bernstein Financial Advisor serves as a counselor and gateway to the firm, drawing upon all our firm’s resources to provide wealth-planning advice and investment management tailored to each client’s unique circumstances. Senior portfolio managers, wealth-management specialists and associates support the Bernstein Financial Advisor to ensure that each client receives the benefit of our best thinking and receives outstanding service.

Mutual fund investors around the world, through their financial advisors, use investment management services from AllianceBernstein Investments. For these financial professionals, we also provide support services ranging from market and investment insights to retirement and wealth-planning research and practice management advice. Our retail engagement model involves both managing portfolios and sharing knowledge.

A wide range of institutional investors and their consultants work with AllianceBernstein Institutional Investment Management. Teams of advisors and consultant relations directors specialize in meeting the needs of defined benefit, defined contribution and superannuation plans; insurance companies investing capital with us; endowments and foundations; and sovereign wealth funds and central banks. Based on discussions of each client’s particular needs, advisors help clients find suitable investment portfolios and introduce them to portfolio managers who can provide more in-depth information about particular services or help the client solve complex investment problems with solutions such as liability-driven investment strategies or alpha-transport strategies. Clients may also be introduced to other experts that can help defined contribution plans with implementation and participation communications. We also share our research in order to help plans solve their problems on their own.

Investment managers around the world turn to our sell-side subsidiary, Sanford C. Bernstein, for its top-rated research, alpha-generating portfolio strategies and quantitative tools, and best-in-class trading execution. Our sell-side platform is now truly global with the opening of our Hong Kong office in 2009. Bernstein's research is ranked #1 in independent surveys of major institutional investors for overall quality, industry knowledge, trust, depth of financial analysis, most useful valuation frameworks and originality. With the relaunch of our equity capital-markets business in 2009, we have brought our independent research analysis to both the primary and secondary markets. Our sales team helps clients cut through the market noise by identifying the research insights that are most relevant to their investing styles and highlighting investment management opportunities. Our trading division, long known for its diligent and discreet execution for single stocks, has expanded its platform to include algorithmic trading, program/portfolio trades, listed options and ETFs.

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