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Our Clients

Our client base spans the globe and includes many types of individuals and institutions, so we have developed a wide array of investment services and several service organizations to meet the distinct needs of each. Broadly speaking, our clients fall into several groups:

Private Wealth Management Clients

Individuals, families and their professional advisors rely on us to preserve and build wealth across generations through customized financial planning, discretionary investing and comprehensive private wealth-management. Our private client offices are located throughout the US.

Individuals in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim tap a wide range of AllianceBernstein’s investment management services, mostly through distribution partners such as banks, brokerage firms and independent financial advisors.

Financial advisors and investment consultants in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim tap AllianceBernstein’s broad array of mutual funds and managed-account investment services as they provide investment advice and other financial services to individual investors.

Banks, insurance companies and other financial-services firms around the world hire us in a subadvisory capacity to manage investment funds for use in mutual funds, variable annuities and other products.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies around the world invest some of their own capital in our investment portfolios.

Defined Benefit Plans

Many of the world’s largest defined benefit plans, as well as smaller plans around the world, use AllianceBernstein’s defined benefit management services. Among them are corporate, public and union funds.

Defined Contribution Plans

US and UK defined contribution plans, large and small, use AllianceBernstein’s defined contribution management services. Among them are corporate, public and union funds.

Superannuation Plans

Defined contribution schemes in Australia and New Zealand, as well as legacy defined benefit schemes, use AllianceBernstein institutional asset management services.

University and hospital endowments, research foundations and charities, large and small, use AllianceBernstein’s institutional asset management services.

Asian and Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds and central banks come to us for a wide range of portfolio strategies. In 2009, we also began managing several portfolios associated with the US federal government’s economic recovery effort.

We work closely with investment consultants around the world. We provide them with information regarding our institutional asset management services and processes, and we share research with them so that together we can devise the best solutions to clients’ ever-evolving needs.

Investment managers and other professional investors around the world use Sanford C. Bernstein's in-depth fundamental research, quantitative strategies and tools, portfolio strategies, and its highly rated equity-trading execution.

As this review shows, our asset-management business has expanded from its roots in the US to span Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim and the Americas. Our sell-side research business has also become global.

Assets Under Management (USD Billions)

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