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Responsible Investing

Our firm is committed to responsible investing, as part of our fiduciary obligation to help our clients achieve their long-term investment objectives. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are included in our extensive fundamental research when we believe they are material to our forecasts and investment decisions. Proxy voting policies help promote shareholder interests while also taking into consideration ESG issues. We also take an active approach to equity ownership rights and responsibilities, following the principles of the UK Stewardship code.

Responsible Investment Policy Statement

As a signatory of The Principles for Responsible Investment since November 2011, we are committed to implementing all six principles over time. Our firm’s Responsible Investment Committee coordinates our approach to ESG issues and the PRI.

Proxy Voting Policies

We take a rigorous approach to our proxy voting responsibilities over client securities. Clear policies and our Proxy Committee aim to make voting decisions that are in our clients’ best interests while also considering complex and controversial ESG issues.

UK Stewardship Principles

Based on the principles of the UK Stewardship code, we support improving corporate governance and regularly engage with companies on material issues.

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