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Sanford C. Bernstein Achieves Record Extel Results in Europe

June 17, 2010

From Jim Gingrich and Robert van Brugge: Since opening for business in London in 2002, we have firmly established the Sanford Bernstein brand as synonymous with the highest-quality fundamental research in the industry. This year’s ThomsonExtel survey results present compelling evidence of SCB’s strong momentum in Europe. The firm continues its ascent up the league tables and is now firmly established among the top European brokers. Congratulations to the entire team on these fabulous results, for it truly is a team effort.

Some highlights of this year’s survey:

As a firm, we improved our research rank from #10 to #9 and our hedge fund research rank from #10 to #7.

We continue to expand our bench strength with 10 individual research analyst Top 5 positions in this year’s survey.

Andrew Wood was once again named as the single most highly ranked analyst in all of Europe for an astounding 4th year in a row and 5th time out of the past 6 years!

In addition, Max Warburton (#8) and Luca Solca (#13) also ranked among the very best analysts across all sectors in Europe (from among hundreds of analysts).

4 analysts ranked #1 individually in their respective sectors:

Robin Bienenstock in Telco Services

Trevor Stirling in Beverages

Max Warburton in Autos

Andrew Wood in Food

Other top 5 individual finishes included:

Andrew Wood #2 in Household Products

Pierre Ferragu #3 in Telco Equipment

Chris Hogbin #3 in Food retail

Neil McMahon #3 in Oil & Gas

Jack Scannell #3 in Medtech

Luca Solca #5 in Luxury Goods

Top team rankings included:

Food #1 (from #2 last year including a strong #15 finish by Eric Sher)

Household Products #1 (from #2 last year including a strong #12 finish by Dan Dolev)

Autos #2 (from #3 last year)

Telco Equipment #2 (from #8 last year)

Beverages #3 (from #3 last year)

Luxury Goods #4 (from #11 last year)

Oil & Gas #4 (from #7 last year including a #9 finish by Oswald Clint)

Food Retail #4 (from #4 last year)

MedTech #4 (from #6 last year including a #13 finish by Lisa Clive)

Telco Services #5 (from #10 last year)

In Sales, Ghislain de Charentenay ranked #8 among 851 Pan-European sales people!

In Trading, we improved across virtually every metric.

Congratulations to all on a phenomenal result!

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