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    AB Launches Equities Blog Partnership with Institutional Investor

    June 17, 2011

    AllianceBernstein has begun a new partnership with Institutional Investor magazine, which recently launched ‘Global Market Thought Leaders’, a new online platform. We will be one of a handful of investment institutions that provide analysis, commentary and insight into the global capital markets, various investment assets and other topics of interest to investors.

    AllianceBernstein “owns” the equities section of the site and is the first of the participants to begin posting items. Several other investment firms will soon begin blogs on the platform for other asset classes or geographic regions; a university will post articles on economics.

    This effort reflects our increasing desire to share information across a full spectrum of media.

    Our bloggers for the Institutional Investor platform will be:

    • Vadim Zlotnikov, Chief Market Strategist
    • Scott Wallace, Team Leader—US Large-Cap Growth
    • Chris Toub, Director–Equities
    • Kevin Simms, Global Director—Value Research
    • Laurent Saltiel, Team Leader—Global and International Large-Cap Growth
    • Gerry Paul, Chief Investment Officer—North American Value Equities
    • Seth Masters, Chief Investment Officer—Asset Allocation
    • Andrew Chin, Director—Quantitative Research

    Click here to access the blog.

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