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Selected Research for Defined Benefit

Retirement Planning

The Future of DC Has Arrived

Improving Retirement Outcomes Now

Head, Research and Investment Design—AllianceBernstein Defined Contribution Investments
Chief Investment Officer—Bernstein Global Wealth Management
Chief Market Strategist; Co-Head—Multi-Asset Solutions; Chief Investment Officer—Systematic and Index Strategies
Senior Research Analyst—Defined Contribution

Is a total DC system overhaul really required? What key variables drive a DC plan participant’s ability to achieve a comfortable retirement? How can DC plan sponsors and participants adjust and combine key variables for better synergy? And just how successful might a DC plan be? In this paper, we share our most recent research into these issues and provide specific and actionable recommendations for DC participants and plan sponsors to achieve their goals.

October 10, 2013

Fixed Income/Bonds

A Spectrum of Possibilities: The Emerging-Market Debt Tool Kit

Portfolio Manager—Emerging-Market Debt
Portfolio Manager.
Director—Emerging-Market Debt
Portfolio Manager—Emerging Markets Corporate Bonds

Everyone wants a piece of the action, but the question is how to get it. The challenge—and the opportunity—for investors is selecting the best strategy to fit their objectives.

February 12, 2013

Fixed Income/Bonds

LDI: Reducing Downside Risk with Global Bonds

Senior Portfolio Manager– Fixed Income
Senior Portfolio Manager—Fixed Income
Portfolio Manager– Credit

Our research shows that for many investors—particularly those seeking assets to match long-term liabilities—adding exposure to hedged global bonds can improve the risk/return profile of their portfolio versus a domestic-only bond portfolio.

May 10, 2012

More Research

Recent Institutional Research

Fixed Income/Bonds

A High-Yield Opportunity Not to Be Missed

The euro high-yield market may already have come of age, but it keeps on improving with time. There are challenges ahead, but our research points to several areas where investors can add value. With careful security selection, this market remains a key investment opportunity.

January 31, 2014


Be More Agile: A Flexible Approach to Equity Investing

Investors want reliable returns and, with bond yields near all-time lows, equities are an obvious choice. But investors are also wary of the risks. We believe that a flexible portfolio that adapts to current market conditions can deliver a better risk-reward trade-off.

January 31, 2014

Fixed Income/Bonds

Monetary Policy in Flux

Senior Economist—Europe
Director—Global Economic Research

Evolving economic challenges are transforming central banking around the world. The new monetary policy doctrine is likely to put greater emphasis on asset-price developments. But, without a true monetary anchor, central banks could still risk a repeat of the recent boom/bust cycle.

January 8, 2014

More Research