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Our Investment Research

It's All in the Research

We believe that investment research is essential to delivering better outcomes for clients. It’s our job to accumulate and interpret facts to reach sound investment conclusions and expert investment advice.

We like to say that investment research is in our DNA. Research is not simply a priority for AllianceBernstein, it is part of what defines us and distinguishes our firm. Excellence in investment research and trading is the core of our sell-side research unit’s business. Our asset-management business has additional dimensions, but it is from research that all else flows.

Investment Diagram

Our commitment to knowing more has led us to build one of the broadest buy-side research footprints in the asset-management industry. Our research disciplines include fundamental research, quantitative research, economic research and currency forecasting. In addition, we have created several specialist research units, including one that examines broad trends that affect multiple industries and geographies. Our portfolio managers take all of these research inputs into account when selecting securities, constructing portfolios and providing investment advice.

Our large teams of quantitative analysts develop tools to increase the likelihood of client success. Some quantitative tools help our fundamental analysts improve their forecast accuracy. Others help our portfolio managers to construct better portfolios. Our quantitative risk-and-return models and asset-allocation research also help us craft effective customized and packaged investment solutions for individuals and institutional investors of various types. Some research focuses on complex wealth-management issues for individuals involving taxation, single-stock concentration, intergenerational wealth transfer and charitable giving. Other research focuses on complex asset-allocation problems, including liability-driven investment management and liquidity management.

As a firm and as individuals, we are committed to continuous improvement. We want our research to define thought leadership about current conditions and emerging trends. Investment research is an important part of our proud past, and will be a key source of our continued growth in the future.

Number of Analysts

Buy-Side Sell-Side

Equities Fixed Income* Multi-Asset** Altern-atives† Wealth Management Shared‡ Total
Fundamental 79 46 0 9 0 0 134 68
Quantitative 15 10 12 11 16 11 75 1
Economist 0 9 0 0 0 0 9 0
Total Analysts 94 65 12 20 16 11 218 69

As of December 31, 2013
*Includes Fixed Income Solutions Analyst
**Includes Glidepath Strategies, Asset Allocation Strategies, Targeted Exposures and Multi-Asset Client Solution Research Analysts
†Includes FoF, Real Estate, Special Situations and Quantitative Research Analysts
‡Includes Global Analytics and Quantitative Asset Allocation Analysts

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