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Be More Agile: A Flexible Approach to Equity Investing

Investors want reliable returns and, with bond yields near all-time lows, equities are an obvious choice. But investors are also wary of the risks. We believe that a flexible portfolio that adapts to current market conditions can deliver a better risk-reward trade-off.

January 31, 2014

Fixed Income/Bonds

Monetary Policy in Flux

Darren Williams
Senior Economist—Europe
Joseph G. Carson
Director—Global Economic Research

Evolving economic challenges are transforming central banking around the world. The new monetary policy doctrine is likely to put greater emphasis on asset-price developments. But, without a true monetary anchor, central banks could still risk a repeat of the recent boom/bust cycle.

January 8, 2014


The Dawn of Molecular Medicine

The Transformation of Medicine and Its Consequences for Investors

Molecular medicine is beginning to transform healthcare: it is already delivering some tangible benefits. We expect dramatic improvements longer term that will extend longevity—and have dramatic investment implications in many sectors, particularly healthcare and technology. Some are already investible.

May 27, 2011

Wealth Planning

Private Foundations and Donor-Advised Funds: Making the Best Use of Your Philanthropic Vehicle(s)

Of the numerous guides comparing private foundations with donor-advised funds, many were created by organizations with a vested interest in one of these structures or the other. We wrote this paper to provide an unbiased comparison that can help you choose the vehicle (or vehicles) that will serve you best.

December 1, 2013

Alternatives/Hedge Funds

EMU and the Credit Crunch: Can the Euro Survive?

The euro is facing its greatest challenge to date, as its existence is threatened by the extent of the economic downturn. Euro-area spreads have widened as investors consider which countries may be most likely to default on their debt or withdraw from EMU. We have developed a tool to assess countries' relative vulnerability. This helps us to analyze the risks of investing in higher-yielding euro-area bonds.

March 20, 2009



Capital Markets Outlook

Fourth Quarter 2011

Restless markets have swamped fundamental valuations, but there are still plenty of opportunities for active managers in both stocks and bonds. Meanwhile, the world economy keeps growing.

January 23, 2012

Reserve Bank of New Zealand Rate-Hike Cycle Fully Priced?

Guy Bruten
Manager—Australian Fixed Income Strategy and Research

This week’s lower-than-expected consumer prices data will do little to sway the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) from raising interest rates again next week. But they underscore the fact that a lot of things need to go “right” in order for the RBNZ to deliver the hikes that are already priced. The risk is that they fall short.

April 17, 2014

Alternatives/Hedge Funds

An Unconventional Tonic for Old-School Oil

Higher prices and new technology are transforming the prospects for “unconventional” energy like shale oil.

September 27, 2011