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Welcome to AllianceBernstein Defined Contribution

The advent of auto enrolment is bringing millions of people into defined contribution (DC) pensions for the first time. We think it is vitally important not to disappoint them – and not only them, but also existing DC savers, their employers and, in many cases, their scheme’s trustees. That’s why we believe passionately in the power of flexible target date funds. Not only do flexible target date funds intelligently address savers’ risk and reward needs as they age, they lift many of the burdens traditionally associated with DC pension schemes.

Browse our web site to find out more about what we believe is the most comprehensive range of DC investment solutions available in the UK today. For further information, please contact Tim Banks on 020 7959 4783 or tim.banks@alliancebernstein.com

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Target-Date Funds

PMI News Investment Insight

Lifestyle vs. Target Date funds

Tim Banks dispels some of the myths about target date funds and explains why the provide stronger governance for investors, more robust risk management, greater sophistication of investment thinking.

December 01, 2013
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Target-Date Funds


Why Target Date Funds are Going Mainstream

We believe target date funds (TDFs) could soon become the rule rather than the exception in pensions.

September 27, 2013
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Target-Date Funds

PMI News Investment Insight

Why target date funds are going mainstream

The Office of Fair Trading has forecast that over six million of us will be contributing around £11 billion to workplace pensions by 2018. We believe half of that could end up in target date funds. Read why we think their simplicity, flexibility and, ultimately, performance potential is giving them mainstream appeal.

September 01, 2013
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Current Perspectives

UK’s First Ethical Target Date Fund Range Launched

In a webcast made in association with the Pensions Management Institute, Katie Weber, our Director of DC Client Relations for the UK and Ireland, explains how our groundbreaking range of ethical target date funds helps clients who want to marry best practice DC default strategies with responsible investment.

Flexible Target Date Funds and Auto Enrolment

Tim Banks, our Head of DC Sales and Client Relations, explains in a webcast made with the Pensions Management Institute why auto enrolment offers an excellent opportunity for DC pension schemes to reconsider their default arrangements.

Retirement Bridge: A Breakthrough in Pension Income

In a webcast made with the Pensions Management Institute, David Hutchins, our Head of UK DC Investments, discusses the benefits our new Retirement Bridge could bring for those in the early stages of retirement.

More Flexibility Needed to Meet Retirement Income Risks

Many pensioners’ dislike of annuities looks well founded, at least in the early stages of retirement.

Economic Perspectives

Global Economic Outlook

GlobalForecasts for global economic growth for 2014 haven’t changed since the start of the year, even though the start was uneven and slower than expected in some areas due to bad weather. We still see global growth rising 3.1% in 2014, up from 2.4% in 2013.

Can Greece Exit Its Bailout?

EuropeWith a successful bond auction this week, Greece’s ambitions to exit its bailout late this year have taken an important step forward. We believe such a bailout exit is now more likely. However, with debt still at very elevated levels, many of the country’s fundamental problems remain unresolved.

Other Opinions

Enabling a good member outcome in DC pensions: an update on the industry dialogue

The Pensions Regulator has issued a statement to help guide those involved in providing and running workplace DC pensions on how to meet its six principles for good design and governance.

Department for Work and Pensions issues guidance for defaults in automatic enrolment DC pensions

Following a period of consultation, the Department for Work and Pensions has issued a set of principles to help guide decision-making in developing default options in defined contribution pension schemes.

Financial Capability: A Behavioural Economics Perspective

An FSA-commissioned review by Professor David de Meza, Dr Bernd Irlenbusch and Professor Diane Reyniers questions the value of the National Strategy for Financial Capability after reviewing the behavioural economics literature. (July 2008)

Defined Benefit

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UK Stewardship Code

How we discharge our responsibilities under The UK Stewardship Code of the Financial Reporting Council.

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