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Strengthening Your DC Plan

Building on an established set of highly regarded DC products and services, AllianceBernstein is dedicated to helping plans meet the ever-changing challenges of the DC landscape through best practices in plan design, investments and communications.

With a history of innovation, solutions and technology designed to evolve over time and as a leading provider of custom-target date solutions, AllianceBernstein can customize a default option designed specifically to a plan’s demographics. In addition, we continue to develop newer and better ideas, such as dynamic asset allocation and lifetime income solutions that are designed to deliver better investment outcomes for sponsors and retirement security for participants.

Customized Retirement Strategies

Customized Retirement Strategies (CRS) strengthens DC plans by bringing suitability and adaptability to target-date portfolios.

Your plan’s demographics, needs and objectives are unique and evolving, and your investment program should be too. Our open-architecture platform gives plan sponsors the flexibility to mix and switch out investment managers, strategies and asset classes—including active and passive investments—over time, and without disrupting participants. The result? Improved transparency and cost control, and enhanced fiduciary strength. AllianceBernstein is also the first DC provider to implement a secure lifetime income default option backed by multiple insurers. Plan sponsors can choose to use any or all of the CRS components: expert investment design, flexible open-architecture platform, and implementation and servicing.