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Welcome to AllianceBernstein Institutions - EMEA

We offer a range of investment solutions for a wide variety of clients, including pension funds, insurance companies, charities and private clients. While we are committed to achieving the highest returns, we also understand the importance of risk. That’s why our services cover a wide spectrum, from products with focused return-seeking objectives to solutions aimed at damping volatility and reducing risk. In all cases, our aim is to create the right long-term investment solutions tailored to meet clients’ evolving needs.

Current Perspectives

Beware the Dangerous Stretch for Yield

The US Federal Reserve talked in early summer about tapering its quantitative easing plan and raising interest rates—in part to stop investors from chasing yield into the arms of riskier loans. In the high-yield market, however, the conversation had exactly the opposite effect.

How Much Will Fed Tightening Hurt?

A lot of people worry about what will happen when the Federal Reserve lets interest rates rise. Our research suggests that’s not the big risk.

Sugar: A Sweet Spot for Emerging Market Investors

Sugar consumption has often been seen as a mark of affluence. But for emerging market investors, knowing how sugar is consumed can also be a guide to the successful investments of the future. We argue that only on-the-ground grassroots research can provide the knowledge needed to find these investment sweet spots.

Economic Perspectives

Global Economic Outlook

GlobalForecasts for global economic growth for 2014 haven’t changed since the start of the year, even though the start was uneven and slower than expected in some areas due to bad weather. We still see global growth rising 3.1% in 2014, up from 2.4% in 2013.

Can Greece Exit Its Bailout?

EuropeWith a successful bond auction this week, Greece’s ambitions to exit its bailout late this year have taken an important step forward. We believe such a bailout exit is now more likely. However, with debt still at very elevated levels, many of the country’s fundamental problems remain unresolved.

UK Stewardship Code

How we discharge our responsibilities under The UK Stewardship Code of the Financial Reporting Council.

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