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Institutional Clients


If you are unable to find the answers you need, please contact our Service Desk.

Why should I register for website access?

If you are a client of AllianceBernstein, registering for the website will give you access to online reporting for your account. There is also servicing and research content on our website that is only available to clients that you will gain access to.

How do I register?

First, click on the “Register” link - it is located in the upper right part of your screen, just below the “Search” button. Then follow the prompts to input your requested personal information.

I don’t have an account set up yet with AllianceBernstein but am interested in seeing what you offer for registered clients. Is this possible?

Yes. You can request a guest password through the Contact Us form.

I am having problems registering with the website.

If you are experiencing problems registering with the website, please make sure that your cookies are properly set. For more information, please see “What are cookies and why do I need them to access this website?” For additional assistance, please contact your Advisor’s Associate or our Service Desk.

What is my Person ID (PID)?

The PID is the number you use to register for this website. If you do not know your PID number, please contact your Advisor’s Associate.

I forgot my Person ID (PID).

If you forget your PID, please contact your Advisor’s Associate.