New Diversifiers

In today’s more volatile capital markets, traditional stock and bond investing have become less powerful tools. New solutions can help. Multi-asset strategies aim both to exploit opportunities wherever they may arise and to meaningfully smooth the ride as experienced by any one asset class. Single- and multi-alpha alternatives strategies provide significant nontraditional diversification against both the risk-reducing and return-seeking services. All strategies share an emphasis on downside protection.


Dynamic Asset Allocation


Globally diversified multi-asset portfolio that seeks to moderate overall volatility and limit extreme outcomes in times of market stress—without sacrificing long-term growth potential. Continuously adjusts the mix of global equities, bonds and related “opportunistic” assets based on our view of prospective market conditions. Combines comprehensive quantitative analysis with the fundamental insights of our senior investment leaders across the firm to weigh near-term return potential against potential market risks.

Emerging Markets Multi-Asset


The Emerging Markets Multi-Asset (EMMA) solution is an actively managed portfolio with exposures to emerging asset classes that include equities and fixed-income instruments—including high-yield securities and currencies. EMMA seeks long-term capital growth with moderate volatility. The strategy isn’t limited in the amount of net assets it can invest in equities, fixed income or currencies—at any time, investments in one of these asset classes may be more than 50%. The strategy is also not limited by credit quality, country, industry sector or market cap.

Real Asset Strategy


The Real Asset Strategy is designed to provide diversified, liquid exposure to real assets, including real estate, energy, metals and agriculture. The strategy dynamically shifts exposure to find the best trade-offs among risk, return and inflation sensitivity. A flexible approach, a commitment to research and a focus on risk management have helped the strategy navigate uncertain markets and identify risks and opportunities.

Customized Retirement Strategies


The Customized Retirement Strategies (CRS) are target-date investment solutions that can be tailored to the unique, evolving demographics and objectives of a defined contribution plan’s default option. In addition to providing a customized glide path, the open-architecture platform of CRS solutions gives plan sponsors the flexibility to mix and change individual strategies and asset classes—including active and passive investments—over time. This improves transparency and cost control while enhancing fiduciary strength.

Dynamic All-Market


Dynamic All Market seeks to maximize total return consistent with the Adviser’s determination of reasonable risk through: Risk Balanced Approach: An asset allocation portfolio that balances risk across global growth, inflation-sensitive and defensive assets, to seek higher returns with more consistency throughout economic cycles, than a conventional balanced portfolio. Dynamic Shifts: The Fund dynamically adjusts portfolio risk exposures, based on the manager’s quantitative and fundamental perspectives on market opportunities and risk. All-Asset Opportunity Set: Takes advantage of opportunities in a wide array of asset classes and markets around the world. The portfolio invests across three broad categories of global assets – growth, inflation sensitive and defensive assets.

Education Strategies


The Education Strategies are diversified, multi-asset solutions for college savers. They invest in equities, fixed income and diversifying assets. Age-based strategies offer allocations tailored to a child’s age that are adjusted over time to become more conservative as college draws closer. Risk-based strategies offer fixed allocations tailored to several mixes of risk and return potential. Each strategy incorporates a volatility-management component with systematic risk control, which can help reduce volatility and improve the chance of building long-term wealth.


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Long/Short Equity

Our Long/Short Equity investment team has extensive experience going long stocks they view positively and shorting stocks they view unfavorably. Our team focuses primarily on large- and mid-cap US stocks, although it may opportunistically invest in non-US issuers and smaller-cap companies. The investment team leverages intensive fundamental analysis and macroeconomic insights to identify potential long and short-sale opportunities. Key to our team’s process is having the flexibility to adjust exposures dynamically based on evolving market opportunities, unconstrained by style or sector.

Multi-Manager Hedge Funds

Our Multi-Manager investment team has a long history as an institutional investor in hedge funds across diversified strategies including long/short equity, event driven, relative value, distressed credit, emerging markets and global macro. Our team takes a disciplined approach to manager selection that includes investment due diligence, operational due diligence and dedicated risk management and has extensive relationships with established and early-stage managers, including those that otherwise limit capacity. Our team uses proprietary and third-party quantitative tools that monitor underlying and prospective hedge funds and their impact on each portfolio.

Real Estate Debt

Our Commercial Real Estate Debt investment team has in depth experience in originating and buying first-mortgage loans on transitional commercial real estate properties. Our team structures these loans with significant reserves, attractive prepayment terms and interest-rate protection. Our team takes an opportunistic approach by identifying off-market deals as well as deals that cater to its competitive advantages, yet balances this opportunistic investment philosophy with a disciplined, multi-step investment process.

Real Estate Equity

Our Real Estate Equity investment team has extensive experience making direct investments in US real estate. Our team prioritizes investments with deep value characteristics, attributes of downside risk reduction and asymmetric risk/reward profiles. Our team seeks control-oriented positions throughout the capital structure, debt or equity, and is agnostic with respect to sector and geography. Our team balances its opportunistic investment philosophy with an investment process that emphasizes rigorous due diligence and “cradle-to-grave” asset management.

Drawdown Managed

Our Drawdown Managed investment team employs a risk-balanced investment approach across all main asset classes, including equities, credit, government bonds and inflation-sensitive securities. The philosophy underlying our team’s approach is its belief in the importance of managing drawdown risk—avoiding large drawdowns. Our team aims to achieve this by avoiding concentrated tail risk exposure to any one asset class and maintaining a constant level of operating risk over time.

Securitized/Mortgage Credit

Our Securitized/Mortgage Credit investment team is experienced in seeking a combination of current income and capital gains, principally through investments in mortgage-related securities. The investment team invests in legacy and new issue non-agency RMBS, CMBS, agency MBS and ABS as well as an emerging set of investment opportunities in mortgage finance, including directly-sourced new origination and government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) risk-sharing transactions.


Our Infrastructure Debt investment team has wide ranging experience acquiring, refinancing and making secondary purchases of infrastructure loans, with a focus on brownfield UK and European assets. Our team aims to mitigate downside risk by focusing on established infrastructure assets and negotiating financial covenants and loan documentation. Underpinning our team’s philosophy is its belief that niche expertise, rigorous, fundamental credit analysis, a disciplined investment process and relationships with well-established industry partners are drivers to success.

Middle Marketing Lending

Our Middle Market Lending investment team has experience with primary-issue middle market credit opportunities that are directly sourced and privately negotiated. Our team emphasizes secured lending by focusing on first lien, uni-tranche and second lien loans, while selectively considering mezzanine, structured preferred stock and non-control equity co-investment opportunities. Our team is guided by a valuation-based investment philosophy, as distinct from a traditional “credit box” approach, and it follows a disciplined investment process.

Credit Long/Short

Our Credit Long/Short investment team has experience seeking investments that provide protection against rising rates and exhibit a low correlation to traditional asset classes. The philosophy underlying our team’s approach is that long/short strategies can offer protection during down markets and strong relative returns in rising rate environments. Our team uses a combination of quantitative and fundamental research to identify market inefficiencies. With a long/short credit approach that emphasizes four key types of trading strategies, our team seeks to minimize beta exposure and to isolate alpha, aiming to generate consistent alpha, regardless of our team’s position in the credit cycle.