Return Seeking

We offer return-seeking investors a diverse range of investment solutions, from higher-volatility fixed income—including unhedged global bonds and multi-sector emerging-market debt—to most equities. Value Equities strategies seek to deliver premium returns by buying stocks priced below their long-term earnings power, as forecast by our in-house analysts. Growth Equities strategies apply our bottom-up research to identify companies most likely to consistently surprise on the upside. And Style Blend strategies seek to reduce correlations when combining style-pure portfolios, thus arriving at a greater expected return per unit of risk.


Low-Volatility High Yield


AllianceBernstein Short Duration High Yield Portfolio is a Luxembourg domiciled, UCITS-compliant SICAV that seeks to achieve high risk-adjusted returns close to that of the broader global high yield market, but with a lower risk profile and volatility. The Portfolio is a diversified portfolio of high-yielding securities and related derivatives, with an average duration of less than four years. The Portfolio aims to achieve its objective through three techniques: 1) investing in bonds with shorter average durations than the overall high yield market; 2) investing in higher quality bonds within the high-yield universe; and 3) employing hedging techniques to limit downside volatility and improve risk-adjusted returns.

Global High Income


AllianceBernstein Global High Yield Portfolio seeks to produce high current income as well as overall total return by investing primarily in high yield corporate bonds of issuers in developed markets globally, emerging market sovereign debt (both US dollar-denominated and local currency) and emerging market corporate debt. Additionally, the Portfolio can invest in investment grade corporate debt, credit default swaps, options, preferred stock, convertibles, and other securities with similar yields.

US High Yield


The AllianceBernstein US High Yield Strategy is an actively managed high yield strategy that seeks to outperform the Barclays Capital US High Yield Index 2% Issuer Constrained Index, or similar High Yield index, by +100-150 bps over a full market cycle by investing primarily in US dollar-denominated non-investment grade corporate debt

Emerging-Market Coporate Debt


AllianceBernstein Emerging Market Corporate Debt Strategy is an actively-managed fixed-income strategy with a research-driven investment approach. The Strategy invests primarily in fixed income securities issued by corporations domiciled in emerging markets. The Strategy may also invest in sovereign and quasi-sovereign debt from emerging market issuers.

Global Credit


Global Credit is an actively managed global bond strategy with a research-driven investment approach. This service invests primarily in investment-grade credits and takes opportunistic positions in convertible securities, the sovereign debt of developed nations, agency bonds, asset-backed securities, and high-yield and emerging-market debt, where permitted by client guidelines. The strategy’s goal is to outperform the Barclays Global Aggregate–Credit Index by 100 to 150 basis points annually, before fees, over full market cycles.

Emerging-Market Debt


Emerging-Market Debt is an actively managed fixed-income strategy that invests broadly in sovereign and quasi-sovereign bonds (in both hard and local currencies), corporate emerging-market debt, and emerging-market currencies. The strategy’s objective is to outperform the J.P. Morgan EMBI Global (or other broad, diversified emerging-market–debt index) by 200 to 300 basis points annually, before fees, over full market cycles, with a tracking error to benchmark of between 300 and 500 basis points annually. This strategy is available via separate accounts or through the ACMBernstein Emerging Markets Debt Portfolio, a Luxembourg-domiciled UCITS fund designed for non-US investors.


Global Value


Global Value is a value-oriented portfolio. We select 100 to 140 attractively valued stocks. Bottom-up stock selection, based on deep fundamental and quantitative research, is the primary driver of our premium. Our portfolios typically trade at a discount to the market on traditional value metrics such as price/earnings and price/book value.

Select US Equity


The Select US Equity strategy invests primarily in large- and mid-cap US stocks in an effort to deliver superior returns through market cycles while maximizing risk-adjusted returns relative to the broad US equity market. Bottom-up analysis and macro insights are used to identify opportunities, which may also include some non-US and small-cap stocks. The strategy is unconstrained by market cap, style and sector, and is flexibly adapted to changing market conditions. The team focuses on companies with understandable businesses, solid long-term growth potential and high barriers to entry.

Emerging Markets Growth


The Emerging Markets Growth strategy invests in emerging-market companies whose growth potential appears likely to outpace market expectations, often due to a combination of a unique product or service offering, high barriers to entry and management’s ability to execute its corporate strategies. The service seeks to generate a premium through superior stock selection—a function of research insight and investment action.

Concentrated Global Growth


The Concentrated Global Growth strategy uses proprietary fundamental research on companies around the world to drive superior stock selection. It aims to identify 25 to 35 great businesses in global markets that appear to offer the best long-term growth potential and are trading at attractive prices. The concentrated approach seeks to deliver strong performance over time.

Concentrated US Growth


The Concentrated US Growth strategy relies on superior stock selection driven by the firm’s proprietary fundamental research. Our research helps us to identify great US businesses that appear to offer the best long-term growth potential and are trading at attractive prices. The strategy focuses on 15 to 20 stocks with these attributes in an effort to deliver strong performance over time.

Core Opportunities


Targets a broad universe of U.S companies that appear undervalued. Uses a disciplined investment process to identify stocks that offer the best combination of value and growth potential. Draws on a global research platform that combines fundamental and quantitative analysis to build an effective portfolio. Concentrated portfolio of our high conviction securities.

US Small & Mid-Cap (SMID) Value


The US Small & Mid-Cap (SMID) Value strategy is a deep-value service that combines rigorous fundamental and quantitative research to identify small- and mid-cap US companies that are priced below their long-term earnings power. The strategy seeks to maximize investment returns on a risk–adjusted basis.

Global Thematic Research


Global Thematic Research seeks to generate its premium through superior stock selection driven by the firm’s proprietary top-down and bottom-up research. We utilize top-down research to gain a deeper understanding of long-term secular themes, which can drive the market outlook for industries. We also appraise the prevailing economic backdrop, which fuels short-term cyclical trends. Our bottom-up research identifies the most attractive investment candidates-those with compelling earnings growth prospects and valuations that are aligned with the themes we identify in our top-down research. It is the combination of the two research views that gives us the conviction to capitalize on compelling investment opportunities that have the potential to add substantial value.

Global Real Estate Securities


Our Global Real Estate Securities investment team has experience investing in real estate investment trusts (REITs) and real estate-related operating companies (REOCs). Our team uses rigorous fundamental and quantitative research to identify undervalued companies, and it uses a real estate-specific model to assist with investment selection. Our team’s investment philosophy is grounded in the belief that enduring patterns of investor behavior create opportunities.