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Contact Our Directors (including our Presiding Director)

You may contact any or all of our directors with questions or concerns about financial reporting, accounting, internal controls, ethics policies or other business matters. Our Corporate Secretary will direct your questions and concerns to those within our company who can best respond (it has been our experience that many questions and concerns are best handled by management).

Peter J. Tobin has been chosen to preside at all executive sessions of non-management and independent directors. The Board of Directors has determined that Mr. Tobin is “independent” within the meaning of Section 303A.02 of the NYSE Listed Company Manual.

Interested parties wishing to communicate directly with Mr. Tobin may send an e-mail, with “confidential” in the subject line, to our Corporate Secretary. Upon receipt, our Corporate Secretary will promptly forward all such e-mails to Mr. Tobin. Interested parties may also address mail to Mr. Tobin in care of Corporate Secretary, and the Corporate Secretary will promptly forward such mail to Mr. Tobin.

To contact our Corporate Secretary:

AllianceBernstein L.P.
c/o Corporate Secretary
1345 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10105

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Contact any or all of our directors with questions or concerns.

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