Retirement Planning


For employers, a retirement plan is an important way to attract and retain valuable people. Plans can be complex and expensive, but the AB SEP (Simplified Employee Pension) Plan may be just the answer for small- to medium-size businesses.

Benefits of SEP IRAs
Tax-deductible contributions Contributions made on behalf of eligible employees are deductible by the company.
Tax-deferred earnings Earnings on investments won't be taxed until distributed, and earnings can compound on a tax-deferred basis.
Maximum contribution limits SEP contributions made on behalf of each participant can't exceed the lesser of 25% of the participant's compensation or $53,000 for 2016.
Flexible contributions Each year, the employer determines how much to contribute for that year.
Easy to open Fill out an easy-to-complete IRS Form 5305-SEP and give each eligible employee a copy. Eligible employees establish a Traditional IRA account to receive contributions. Other statements must be provided to participants as stated in the 5305-SEP Form under "Completing the Agreement" section.
Easy to understand Regular IRA rules regulating actions like transfers, distributions and rollovers apply to the employee's SEP/IRA.
Employees control their own accounts The employer makes just one decision: how big is the contribution? Employees decide their investment strategies and distributions.

An AB SEP IRA Provides:

  • Flexibility in choosing from a wide array of AB mutual funds, from fixed-income to equity as well as Wealth Strategies asset-allocation funds and Multi-Manager Select Retirement Funds.
  • Access to account and fund information online and on the phone.
  • Customer service representatives that are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST.

Which Employers Can Establish a SEP IRA Plan?

Generally, any employer, including sole proprietors, partnerships and corporations, can establish a SEP IRA. Limitations apply when using IRS form 5305-SEP. Check the form for details.

Click here for the AB SEP IRA Employer Guide and the Employee Brochure.


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