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The Power of Discovery

The Mid-Cap Opportunity

Bruce K. Aronow, CFA
Portfolio Manager—Small and Mid-Cap Growth Equities
James MacGregor, CFA
Portfolio Manager—Small and Mid-Cap Value Equities

By accessing a diverse collection of fundamentally stronger mid-cap companies, a SMID-cap strategy offers the diversification and return potential of small-cap stocks but with less volatility and fewer of the constraints associated with small-cap-only investing. We explore the SMID-cap opportunity and discuss why a SMID portfolio may be an appealing alternative to a small-cap mandate for certain investors.

For Financial Professionals - US
February 13, 2013


Jump In Or Go Slow?

Strategies for Entering the Market

In the aftermath of 2008, investors may be holding on to cash, fearful of another market downturn. Many intend to reinvest once the markets show clear signs of improvement. But what is the best way to reenter? History suggests that a staged approach may be preferable to an extended stint on the sidelines. Careful analysis can help make the choice easier.

For Private Client - US
August 24, 2009

Wealth Planning

“The Case for the 20,000 Dow” Revisited

The market has been even stronger than we expected. What should you do now?

For Private Client - US
September 30, 2014

Tax Management

The Bernstein Income Tax Playbook

Higher tax rates and low bond yields make effective tax management crucial. The playbook explains an array of actionable strategies that can help investors realize better after-tax outcomes.

For Private Client - US
May 19, 2014