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The Mid-Cap Opportunity

Bruce K. Aronow, CFA
Portfolio Manager—Small and Mid-Cap Growth Equities
James MacGregor, CFA
Portfolio Manager—Small and Mid-Cap Value Equities

By accessing a diverse collection of fundamentally stronger mid-cap companies, a SMID-cap strategy offers the diversification and return potential of small-cap stocks but with less volatility and fewer of the constraints associated with small-cap-only investing. We explore the SMID-cap opportunity and discuss why a SMID portfolio may be an appealing alternative to a small-cap mandate for certain investors.

For Financial Professionals - US
February 13, 2013


Retirement Bridge: Providing a Real Choice for Retirees

David Hutchins, FIA
Head—Investment Research and Design, UK & Ireland

Most savers in defined contribution (DC) pension schemes buy an annuity when they retire. But changes to life expectancy are undermining the benefits of immediate annuitisation, so is there a better way to deliver an income in retirement?

For Defined Contribution - UK
April 23, 2012


Philanthropy at Bernstein

Philanthropy at Bernstein

We're pleased to provide “Philanthropic Services at Bernstein,” a brief introduction to how Bernstein works with philanthropic families and individuals and the not-for-profits that they support. It also explains why we believe that Bernstein is uniquely qualified to help both groups achieve their goals.

For Private Client
May 12, 2016

Tax Management

The Bernstein Income Tax Playbook

Higher tax rates and low bond yields make effective tax management crucial. The playbook explains an array of actionable strategies that can help investors realize better after-tax outcomes.

For Private Client - US
May 19, 2014