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Quality over Quantity

Concentrated Equities

The last two decades have seen a dramatic migration of US and global equity investors toward passive approaches, especially in large-cap stocks. Passive investing may be cheaper on the surface, but we think investors are taking on more risk than they know. We think it makes sense to combine passive strategies with highly concentrated strategies.

For Financial Advisors, Institutions
June 30, 2014

Fixed Income/Bonds

Deflation im Euroraum: Sind wir bereits mittendrin?

Darren Williams
Senior European Economist

Da die Europäische Zentralbank (EZB) schließlich doch zugibt, dass der Euroraum mit schweren deflationären Gegenwinden zu kämpfen hat, erscheint eine weitere geldpolitische Lockerung wahrscheinlich. Dies dürfte helfen, die Anleiherenditen in den Kernländern des Euroraums stabil zu halten, ist aber möglicherweise nicht genug, um die gewaltigen Herausforderungen zu überwinden, vor denen die Region steht.

For Institutions
November 20, 2014


Taking the Sting out of the Tail: Hedging Against Extreme Events

Investors are still smarting from losses that—according to widely held statistical assumptions—should have been almost impossible. And they want protection against a repeat of such shocks in the future. We believe that the right tail-risk hedging strategy can offer a solution.

For Institutions
March 22, 2013

Alternatives/Hedge Funds

Liquid Alternatives

The Next Dimension in Asset Allocation

Christine M. Johnson, CFA
Managing Director—Alternative Investments
Christopher J. Bricker, CFA, CAIA
Head—Alternative Investments

Liquid alternative investments are a fast-growing category that can help investors build better, more diversified portfolios. But incorporating them requires a disciplined framework that should include defining an investment objective, determining how to allocate, deciding how to source the funding and choosing the right managers.

For Institutions
July 24, 2014

Wealth Planning

Two Roads Diverged

Seth Masters
Chief Investment Officer—Bernstein Global Wealth Management

US economic growth is accelerating, while other most major economies are slowing. Here’s what we think it means for global investing.

For Private Client - US
January 21, 2015

Tax Management

The Bernstein Income Tax Playbook

Higher tax rates and low bond yields make effective tax management crucial. The playbook explains an array of actionable strategies that can help investors realize better after-tax outcomes.

For Private Client - US
May 19, 2014