Our Approach

Our Partnership with You

Defined benefit (DB) pension plans are under siege as never before. From funding shortfalls to increasingly complex regulations and accounting rules, plan sponsors face a broadening array of challenges in executing their multiple responsibilities—both to their members and to their corporate sponsors.

At AllianceBernstein, we have a long history of working with many of the world’s largest plans, helping them achieve their myriad objectives. Some of these prestigious plans have been clients of our firm for decades. The diversity and longevity of our client base reflect a flexible approach that allows us to scale our services to match the scope of specific plans’ needs, at all stages of their lifecycles.

The Specialist Products Plans Have Relied On

Our full range of investment portfolios addresses the needs of plans seeking managers to fill particular asset allocations.

Exploiting market controversy to identify underpriced stocks poised for recovery

Using in-depth analysis to seek out growth potential likely to exceed what the market expects

Combining growth and value portfolios to provide alpha from active stock selection while muting systemic risks

Integrating fundamental and quantitative research to exploit bond mispricings and build effective portfolios globally

Using single-alpha and multi-alpha strategies that provide our clients with a wide range of potential investment solutions

The Holistic Solutions Plans Need Today

For plan sponsors looking for broader, more consultative advice, we provide a host of both packaged and highly customized approaches that draw on appropriate elements across our service offerings. Here are just a few examples.

A systematic way for investors to monitor changes in risk and return, and to make asset-allocation trade-offs in a timely manner

A comprehensive set of solutions that can help DB plan sponsors who are also responsible for managing defined contribution (DC) plans

Strategies to help plans better match the timing of returns with that of participant obligations, while minimizing near-term volatility

Designing unique glide paths for plans that shift them to a lower risk stance as they mature without locking in underfunding


  • Emerging Markets Multi-Asset Portfolio

    Our research indicates that an actively-managed portfolio combining equities, debt and currencies offers significant advantages over a single-asset-class approach.