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AllianceBernstein Pension Strategies

Sophisticated yet Simple. Customised yet Cost-Effective

March 18, 2013

Restoring funding ratios can be a considerable challenge for trustees and corporate sponsors alike. AB aims to bring the best techniques traditionally used to manage bigger schemes within reach of all DB plans, large and small. We believe the key to achieving better outcomes is not just selecting the right suite of investments, but also being able to adjust them in real time as funding and market conditions change.

Our clients benefit from a customised strategy embracing sophisticated investments, chosen from a broad range of managers, embedded in a simple, transparent framework. Our highly experienced portfolio managers understand each client’s liability-based objectives and manage assets on a daily basis against those objectives.

Understanding that the journey is as important as the destination, our portfolio managers use proprietary Dynamic Asset Allocation and liability-risk management strategies to manage the risk and return of the portfolio appropriately to smooth the path along the way.

AllianceBernstein Pension Strategies brings over 40 years of asset management expertise to help pension schemes of every size achieve their desired objectives. We manage over £60 billion of fiduciary management assets in strategic and dynamic asset allocation portfolios for DB, DC and private clients.

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