Flexible Target Date Funds

The move to defined contribution (DC) pensions is putting the onus on individuals to save for their own retirement. The challenge for providers is to meet DC savers’ realistic expectations, without putting an undue financial and fiduciary burden on employers and trustees. We believe schemes that use flexible target date funds as their default option can meet all these aspirations and more.

Our flexible target date funds:

  • Transfer the burden of change from members to the default manager
  • Match members’ need for risk and return at any stage of their working life by providing a sophisticated asset allocation glide path
  • Manage portfolios proactively through market moves, regulation and innovation
  • Improve governance by handing a professional responsibility for the default’s objectives
  • Minimise upheaval when changes need to be made to assets, managers or administrators
  • Simplify saving by freeing members from the need to agree every change

Our flexible target date funds offer a value-for-money solution that can be pre-packaged or customised to suit the client. For further information, please contact Tim Banks on+44 (0)20 7959 4783 or tim.banks@alliancebernstein.com

Current Perspectives

UK’s First Ethical Target Date Fund Range Launched

In a webcast made in association with the Pensions Management Institute, Katie Weber, our Director of DC Client Relations for the UK and Ireland, explains how our groundbreaking range of ethical target date funds helps clients who want to marry best practice DC default strategies with responsible investment.

Flexible Target Date Funds and Auto Enrolment

Tim Banks, our Head of DC Sales and Client Relations, explains in a webcast made with the Pensions Management Institute why auto enrolment offers an excellent opportunity for DC pension schemes to reconsider their default arrangements.

Retirement Bridge: A Breakthrough in Pension Income

In a webcast made with the Pensions Management Institute, David Hutchins, our Head of UK DC Investments, discusses the benefits our new Retirement Bridge could bring for those in the early stages of retirement.

More Flexibility Needed to Meet Retirement Income Risks

Many pensioners’ dislike of annuities looks well founded, at least in the early stages of retirement.