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Endowments, foundations and charities face many challenges in managing their assets. In the aftermath of the market turmoil caused by the credit crisis, many are questioning whether their asset-allocation tools are still relevant.

Some of the questions we are hearing include:

Should my asset allocation be a long-term plan or more tactically oriented?

In the aftermath of the credit crisis, investors want reassurance that their portfolios can survive a worst-case scenario. 2008 was an extreme year, but extreme short-term fluctuations could happen again.

Should I focus more on the upside potential or the downside risk?

Downside risk has been receiving more attention recently, but a client does not necessarily need to sacrifice alpha opportunities in order to manage risk.

What is the probability range of my asset-allocation outcomes?

AllianceBernstein has sophisticated asset-allocation tools to assist its clients.

How should I think about partnering with the government?

Some investors remain skeptical about participating in government programs, but we believe that government will play a meaningful role in the investment landscape over the next several years, and we expect government programs to generate unique opportunities.

Are my tools still adequate?

Conventional wisdom about correlation, diversification and risk has been called into doubt as the traditional 60/40 balanced asset allocation has disappointed many investors over the past decade. We believe the dynamic asset-allocation tools we have developed can help improve portfolio outcomes.