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Investment solutions are tailored to each insurance company’s unique situation.

Case Study

Alternative Strategies for Variable Annuities with Guarantees

In the face of the recent market turmoil, common hedging strategies used by insurers to protect against the risks from guaranteed benefits on their variable annuity products proved less effective and more costly than expected. We tested four alternative solutions, and present our findings in this case study.

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  • Global Dynamic Duration

    The 2008–2009 global recession marks the end of the ‘Great Moderation’ and the beginning of a new period of increased volatility, in our opinion. This has profound implications for portfolio returns and investment strategies.

  • Searching for Yield in a Low-Yield World

    Investors are turning to high-yielding bonds as low government yields fall short of income objectives.

  • Currency Alpha Opportunities

    We see opportunities for currency alpha as some countries recover faster than others and central bank monetary policies diverge.