Our Approach

We Share Our Research

We publish extensively on the current economic and market outlook, and on exciting opportunities and long-term secular trends, investment planning and risk management, as well as on legal or regulatory matters of particular concern.

We Provide Access

We also share our research more informally, by providing access to our senior investment and research professionals in one-on-one meetings, conferences and conference calls. In addition, we try to make every meeting that our clients’ consultants request. Together, we believe, we can devise the best solutions to meet clients’ particular needs.

We Strive for Transparency

We provide complete and robust answers to industry questionnaires. And when there’s new information—good or bad—about our portfolios or our staff, we don’t wait for you to ask: we pick up the phone and call you. We think it’s simply the right thing to do.

We Keep You Informed

We keep you apprised of our full range of services: value, growth, fixed-income and blend specialist services, as well as assembled advice products (such as Customized Retirement Strategies) and highly customized services (from Global Wealth Management for high net-worth individuals to liability-driven investment solutions for pension funds).

Our dedicated data-management group provides your databases with the timely updates on performance and portfolio characteristics you require. We send you our product profiles and investment strategy reports. When clients permit, we also provide you with access to portfolio reports for clients in common through our own website.


  • What Does Risk Mean to You?

    As fixed-income investors ride today’s volatile markets, they often ask us how they can wrest maximum return from a low interest-rate environment, where we see the next wave of trouble brewing and whether they are assessing their exposures correctly. These are great questions, and they all have one thing in common: concerns about risk.

  • Opportunities in Thematic Growth Investing

    Looking at stock markets through a thematic lens points to opportunities we find compelling.