We offer a wide variety of fixed-income portfolio strategies for various investor needs, with the common goal of preserving capital, providing current income and serving as ballast against stock market volatility. We actively manage all of our bond portfolios to manage risk and seek superior long-term returns, employing systematic, research-based processes.

Our rigorous risk management process monitors the ability of bond issuers to make timely payments of interest and principal. We also monitor interest-rate risk, which refers to fluctuations in the value of bonds resulting from general interest rate changes. For example, in a declining interest-rate environment, the portfolio may generate less income. In a rising interest-rate environment, bond prices tend to fall. Through active management of diversified portfolios, we seek to mitigate these risks.

Tax-Exempt Bonds

If you have a taxable account, you may benefit from tax-exempt bond portfolios, because their income is largely exempt from federal taxes and, in some cases, state and local taxes. We are opportunistic in our investments, however. If certain taxable bonds offer you higher after-federal-tax return potential than municipal bonds, we may invest in them. Of course, some income may be subject to state and local taxes as well as the federal alternative minimum tax, so consider your personal tax situation before investing in municipal bonds.

Bernstein employs a large, dedicated municipal bond research team to monitor legal, economic and market risks that might affect the value of these bonds.

Taxable Bonds

We diversify our taxable portfolios across most sectors of the US bond market and, opportunistically, major foreign bond markets. We actively manage sector and security concentrations, maturity combinations and foreign currency exposures for the highest returns consonant with prudent risk.

A Research-Driven Approach

We believe that successful bond investing begins with proprietary fundamental and quantitative research, intelligent interpretation of that research, and agile execution of strategies. Fixed income research forms the core of our investment process, and constant interaction between researchers and portfolio managers ensures a dynamic, energized process that takes full advantage of our resources.

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To review current to the most recent month-end performance for the portfolios of the Sanford C. Bernstein Fund, Inc., please see Mutual Fund Performance at a Glance. For current holdings information, please see Mutual Fund Portfolio Holdings & Characteristics.

These services are available either as separately managed accounts, with certain minimum investment requirements, or through the Sanford C. Bernstein Fund, Inc., offered by prospectus. Before investing in any portfolio of the Sanford C. Bernstein Fund, Inc., a prospective investor should consider carefully the portfolio’s investment objectives and policies, charges, expenses, and risks. These and other matters of importance to prospective investors are contained in the fund’s prospectus, which may be obtained by clicking on Prospectuses, SAIs, and Shareholder Reports. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

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