Tax-Aware Investing

To help you keep more of what your investments earn, we employ tax management strategies in multiple ways.

A Holistic View

To keep your taxes to a minimum, we keep track of many moving parts. These include your personal tax profile, the type of account you have and the assets themselves.

Proactive and Opportunistic

Some people pay attention to taxes once a year, but we think about them with every trade, every day. We work closely with your tax advisors to stay on top of your tax situation, watching for:

  • The tax costs of every transaction in your portfolio
  • Ways to use tax loss carryovers
  • Year-end trading to minimize taxable gains
  • Opportunities in tax code changes

To learn more about tax-aware investing, watch the two-minute video below:

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Sample Tax Report

View a sample of the detailed year-end tax report we provide to help you and your tax advisor complete your tax forms.