Our Approach

We Understand Your Needs

AllianceBernstein has been managing assets for sovereign institutions, including many of the largest and most sophisticated sovereign wealth funds in Asia and the Middle East, for more than two decades. In fact, in 2008 we created a team focused on understanding the specialized investment needs of sovereign wealth funds and central banks, to ensure that we provide these clients with service tailored to their specific needs. Our team has a detailed understanding of the “Santiago Principles”—the set of generally accepted principles and practices for the governance of sovereign wealth funds. More important, we work hard to understand the objectives of each client.

Range of Custom Solutions

The Specialist Products Clients Have Relied On

Central bank clients tend to come to us for high-quality bond funds in order to keep their foreign reserve holdings highly liquid and secure. Our sovereign wealth fund clients, in contrast, generally have longer investment horizons and greater appetite for risk. Often funded by foreign-exchange revenues from exports of oil and other commodities, many are seeking to diversify their holdings of government bonds through increased allocations to equities, nongovernment bonds and alternatives.

How We Can Help You

We understand that the needs of sovereign institutions are quite diverse, but so is the range of investment services that we offer to meet them. We apply time-tested investment principles—driven by the comprehensive research for which our firm is known—to help meet a broad scope of investment objectives.

We have expertise in both global and local mandates, coupled with on-the-ground presence in key markets around the world. From developed to emerging markets, and from core to opportunistic strategies, AllianceBernstein offers a full suite of products—and the ability to tailor solutions to your individual requirements.

Exploiting market controversy to identify underpriced stocks poised for recovery

Using in-depth analysis to seek out growth potential likely to exceed what the market expects

Combining growth and value portfolios to provide alpha from active stock selection while muting systemic risks

Integrating fundamental and quantitative research to exploit bond mispricings and build effective portfolios globally

Using single-alpha and multi-alpha strategies to provide our clients with a wide range of potential investment solutions

We are also available to transfer some of our investment insights to help enhance your internal investment capabilities. Through formal investment training programs, we have shared our best practices in research, portfolio management, asset allocation and operations with some of the largest sovereign institutions in the world.