Our Approach

An Introduction to AllianceBernstein Subadvisory

We have formed subadvisory partnerships with leading financial institutions in every major region of the world, and we manage a wide range of traditional and customized investment solutions on behalf of these firms. But partnership with AllianceBernstein means more than investment solutions. Our mission is to strategically align with you to help you take your capabilities to the next level of effectiveness and to deliver better results to your clients. We invite you to browse to learn more about how we can help you reach the next level in your business, or contact us to begin a dialogue about working together.

The Advantages of Partnership

Our partnership with subadvisory clients begins with finding the right investment solutions, but encompasses much more.

Our Credentials

Insurance companies, banks and other financial-services firms across the North American, European and Asian-Pacific regions hire us in a subadvisory capacity to manage investment funds for use in variable annuities, mutual funds and other products.

Plan Components & Design

AllianceBernstein offers style-pure and style-blend portfolios across asset classes and geographies, and with a choice of passive or active management; or, choose from among our state-of-the-art asset-allocation services.

Our Solutions

We deploy a wide range of sophisticated investment-management capabilities to deliver customized solutions for subadvisory clients with particularly unique needs.


  • Currency Alpha Opportunities

    We see opportunities for currency alpha as some countries recover faster than others and central bank monetary policies diverge.

  • Early Days for Value Recovery

    Investors remain skeptical about recovery, creating opportunities that we believe well-researched stock selection is ideally equipped to exploit.