The Advantages of Partnership

How We Do It

Our strategic partnership with you is designed not only to support your investment needs and objectives, but also to help you and your clients innovate and evolve faster. To that end, we put a wealth of proprietary, thought-leading research at your fingertips, as well as sales tools and actionable ideas to help wholesalers and financial advisors differentiate themselves and develop more meaningful relationships with their clients.

Field Sales Support

Our field engagement model is designed so that our firm’s highly respected research and resources lead to deeper conversations with your clients. AllianceBernstein’s dedicated subadvisory field wholesalers and sales managers strategically align with variable-annuity providers to channel our firm’s best thinking to your clients through investment-services discussions, capital-market seminars, advisor and client education, practice management insights, new ideas on wealth and retirement planning, and market research on advisor and investor behavior.

Marketing Support

Our subadvisory marketing professionals provide special marketing and field content for use with your wholesalers. They can also provide sales tools for use with financial advisors. Topics of support include investment strategies, guaranteed products, wealth- and retirement-planning and practice-management solutions to enhance financial advisors’ businesses.


Investment Research

We share with our subadvisory clients the in-depth, thought-leading investment research for which AllianceBernstein is renowned. Understanding effective investing and evolving markets is critical to our clients’ long-term success.


Capital-Markets and Economic Outlooks

We provide regular capital-markets and economic outlooks authored by our most senior investment professionals. For example, our quarterly Capital Markets Outlook outlines the major factors affecting the capital markets today and what we see for the future. Insights gathered from our fundamental and quantitative analysts and portfolio managers around the world are packaged in an easy-to-understand paper for your clients or presented in seminar format. Additionally, our relationship managers, wholesalers and marketing team provide specific support for your investment solutions.

Practice Management

Keys to Improving Outcomes

We help our subadvisory clients—and their clients—stay at the top of their game by delivering thoughtful, relevant and actionable ideas to enhance financial advisors’ businesses. At AllianceBernstein, we’ve dedicated significant resources to building a wealth of research and sales materials to help you manage your relationships more effectively. These ideas aim to help advisors build trust and deepen relationships—the keys to improving outcomes for their clients.

We don’t just provide financial advisors with good business and planning ideas—we help them learn to recognize opportunities and develop plans for execution. Below are examples of just two of our many programs to help ensure success.

Changing the Conversation About Retirement Planning

Our program “Changing the Conversation About Retirement Planning” teaches advisors how to reorient their practice around retirement planning as clients age and their needs shift from accumulation of wealth to distribution of income. The program focuses on empowering clients and connecting their needs to a concrete plan of action.

Effective Client Review

Client retention is critical to the success of a financial advisor’s business. Our “Effective Client Review” program introduces advisors to a process with more than 40 years of success through AllianceBernstein’s own private-client unit, Bernstein Global Wealth Management. The program provides step-by-step advice from top-performing advisors on: where and when to ask for commitment, making necessary portfolio changes, discussing fees and performance, and asking for referrals.

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  • Currency Alpha Opportunities

    We see opportunities for currency alpha as some countries recover faster than others and central bank monetary policies diverge.

  • Early Days for Value Recovery

    Investors remain skeptical about recovery, creating opportunities that we believe well-researched stock selection is ideally equipped to exploit.