Dominique Carrel-Billiard

Chief Executive Officer, AXA Investment Managers
Mr. Carrel-Billiard, age 44, was elected a Director of the General Partner in July 2004. He has been Chief Executive Officer of AXA Investment Managers S.A. (“AXA IM”), a subsidiary of AXA, since June 2006 and was named to the AXA Group Executive Committee in January 2009. He joined AXA in June 2004 as the Senior Vice President-Business Support and Development in charge of AXA Financial, asset management and reinsurance. Prior to joining AXA, Mr. Carrel-Billiard was a Partner of McKinsey & Company (“McKinsey”), a strategic consulting firm, where he specialized in the financial services industry. During the 12 years he spent at McKinsey, Mr. Carrel-Billiard worked on a broad array of topics (including insurance, asset gathering and management, and corporate and investment banking) for the top management of international banks, insurance companies, including AXA, and other financial services groups. Mr. Carrel-Billiard is a member of the boards of directors of various other privately-held subsidiaries and affiliates of the AXA Group.