Michael DePalma

Director—Fixed Income Absolute Return
Michael DePalma is a Senior Vice President, Director of Fixed Income Absolute Return Strategies and Lead PM of AB’s Global Risk Allocation Fund. Prior to assuming his current role, he was chief investment officer of Quantitative Investment Strategies, the firm’s systematic multi-asset-class investment effort, which was merged with the Fixed Income Absolute Return effort. From 2004 to 2011 DePalma was head of the Fixed Income division’s quantitative research effort globally, and a member of the Investment Policy Group for the firm’s Global Diversified Strategies hedge funds, a multi-asset offering, and the Currencies Strategies series of hedge funds. He began his career with the firm in 1990 as a quantitative analyst focused on long-term asset allocation modeling across asset classes. DePalma was instrumental in the development of the Capital Markets Engine and the predecessor to our Wealth Forecasting System before he migrated to full-time fixed income quantitative research, where he was responsible for developing expected return and risk models as well as portfolio construction tools. He holds a BS in engineering from Northeastern University, and earned an MS in mathematics, statistics and operations research from New York University’s Courant Institute in 1998. Location: New York