Richard S. Dziadzio

Chief Financial Officer, AXA Financial, Inc.
Mr. Dziadzio, age 47, was re-elected a Director of the General Partner in May 2007. (He had previously served on the Board from February 2001 to May 2004.) The Chief Financial Officer of AXA Financial and AXA Equitable since January 2007, Mr. Dziadzio was elected Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Equitable in January 2010. He joined AXA Financial and AXA Equitable in July 2004 and was elected Executive Vice President in September 2004. He became Deputy Chief Financial Officer of AXA Financial and AXA Equitable in September 2005. Prior to joining AXA Financial, Mr. Dziadzio held various positions with subsidiaries and affiliates of the AXA Group, which he originally joined in 1994 as a senior analyst in the corporate finance department, working primarily on mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”). In 1997, he was promoted to corporate finance officer, handling corporate finance activities for the group in insurance and asset management in the U.S. and U.K. In 1998, Mr. Dziadzio became head of finance and administration for AXA Real Estate Investment Managers, a subsidiary of AXA. From February 2001 to June 2004, he was responsible for business support and development for AXA Financial, AllianceBernstein and AXA IM.