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We have some of the best and brightest financial professionals in the business. Our culture of intellectual curiosity and collaboration creates an environment where you can thrive and do your best work. Whether you're producing thought-provoking research, identifying compelling investment opportunities, infusing new technologies into our business or providing thoughtful advice to our clients, we want to support you in making your impact.

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Head—Arya Partners

"Helping clients is at the forefront of what I do. I went from a back-office role when I first started at AB, to now sitting in the heart of an investment team—which is an example of the opportunity the firm has given me to grow my career. Taking risks is a big part of my job, and every day is different, exciting and invigorating. And I get to work with people who are smart, motivated and excited to be here."


Managing Director—Institutional Sales

"What's so interesting about this job is the markets themselves and how they're constantly changing and evolving. There's never a dull moment because you're not doing the same thing day in and day out. I can tell that we're selling an in-depth, thoughtful product that provides a different type of value to our clients. That's really what makes a difference here—the quality of the product and the quality of the people."


Co-Chief Investment Officer—Strategic Core Equities

"AB has a culture of deep research and that's something that really attracted me. I've always been encouraged to think differently and to take a different stance. Ultimately, you don't get paid in the market unless you have a different point of view. To be able to pursue that with other people who are equally motivated to find a creative solution is a lot of fun."


Client Advisor—Bernstein Private Wealth Management

"I'm really passionate about financial literacy. It's not something I was taught growing up, so learning about the financial systems that we have access to as individuals is really important to me. I feel lucky to be able to teach financial literacy to people who may not have had access to the opportunities that I've had. A phrase we use is 'making money meaningful,' and that's what really excites me. I get to have conversations with people about how to make money more meaningful to them."


Managing Director—Product Development

"Product Development is a really cool place to be in the firm because you really do get to see all the different aspects of the business. Coming from an engineering background, which is very analytical, I found it was an easy fit in the analytical field that is finance. It's given me the problem-solving skills and perseverance to bring the pieces together in my job."


Head—Bernstein Defined Contribution

"I think Bernstein, along with AB, has always been a place where we've wanted to groom people and promote from within. We know that people want to move up in their career, and if we can find a place for them here, it's all the better. I'm not unique in the fact that I've been here for 23 years. There are people all around me who have been here for just as long or longer, and that's unique in asset management."

We Cultivate Thought Leadership

We share our distinctive research insights and perspectives on a broad range of finance-related topics. We continue to cultivate innovative, diverse thinking—that's why our people are recognized as thought leaders in the industry.


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