Integration and Engagement


At AB, Integration is Innovation-led

Integrating ESG into the investment process can create a path to better outcomes, but the "how" matters. At AB, integration is investor-led. Investment teams partner with the Responsibility Team to assess opportunities and risks—and engage with issuers. They’re empowered by in-depth fundamental research, a suite of ESG tools and connected platforms.


The Critical Role of the Responsibility

Being a responsible investor goes beyond our commitment to corporate responsibility—we believe integrating ESG into the investment process leads to better outcomes for investors, issuers, employees, customers, communities and the environment.


Investment Teams and Responsibility Teams

Our investment teams partner with the Responsibility team to conduct more meaningful company engagements. One example is evaluating an investment in a Japanese electronics company to dimension its environmental opportunities and social risks.


How ESG Integration Can Improve Outcomes

ESG risks are financial risks. With strong ESG research, engagement and integration, we’re better able to assess risks and identify opportunities—the path to improved investment decision-making.


Third Party Ratings: A Starting Point

Third-party ESG ratings are just one tool in our toolkit when assessing ESG risks and opportunities. Ultimately, active fundamental research is essential.


Why Investment Teams Need to lead the way

ESG considerations are embedded throughout our investment practices. Fundamental analysts rely on their own research, the expertise of the Responsibility team, and a wealth of ESG tools and platforms to make better investment decisions.