Daniel Loewy, CFA

Daniel Loewy, CFA

Chief Investment Officer and Head—Multi-Asset Solutions

24 Years at AB
25 Years of experience

Daniel Loewy is Chief Investment Officer and Head of Multi-Asset Solutions. He oversees the research and product design of the firm’s multi-asset strategies, as well as their implementation. In addition, Loewy is Chief Investment Officer for Dynamic Asset Allocation, and is responsible for the development and investment decision-making for that service. He is also a member of the Real Asset Investment Policy Group and the Target Date Investment Oversight team. Loewy previously led the Wealth Management Group’s research on the major investment issues faced by our highest-net-worth clients, including asset allocation, alternative investments and tax management. Prior to that, he was a research analyst in the equity research department, where he followed the aerospace and defense and capital goods sectors. Additionally, Loewy has served as an associate portfolio manager for our value equity services. He holds a BS in industrial and labor relations from Cornell University and an MBA from Columbia University, and is a CFA charterholder. Location: New York

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