Elena Wang

Research Analyst—Multi-Asset Solutions

Elena Wang is a Vice President and Research Analyst on the Multi-Asset Solutions team. She joined AB in 2016 as part of the Defined Contribution Research and Investment team. Wang was previously an investment analyst at AIG Asset Management, where she worked directly with the CIO’s office on managing various multi-asset portfolios. Prior to that, Wang was a quantitative analyst at Chatham Financial. She holds a BS in applied mathematics from the University of Toronto and an MS in computational finance from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. Location: New York

Is Your Target-Date Fund Providing Enough Inflation Protection?

Is Your Target-Date Fund Providing Enough Inflation Protection?

by Christopher Nikolich, Vinod Chathlani, Elena Wang
With inflation on the rise in the post-pandemic recovery spending power for plan participants near or in retirement could be vulnerable. Target-date funds have tools at their disposal to battle inflation, but if they’re not deployed effectively, it could end up exacting a performance cost.

Asset Allocation, Inflation, Plan Design, Target-Date Solutions

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Systematic Target-Date Rebalancing: Taking Emotion out of the Equation

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