Jeff Skoglund, CFA

Jeff Skoglund, CFA

Chief Operating Officer—Fixed Income

8 Years at AB
28 Years of experience

Jeff Skoglund is Chief Operating Officer for Fixed Income, responsible for the implementation of business strategy, innovation and technology, product development, talent management and acquisition, financial analysis, and regulatory compliance. He was previously director of credit research at the firm, where he oversaw a team that provided fundamental analysis of global investment-grade, high-yield bond and bank loan credits. Prior to joining AB, Skoglund was a managing director at UBS Investment Bank, where he held numerous management positions, including both global head of credit research and head of US credit desk analysts. Before UBS, he was a senior high-yield analyst at Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse. Earlier in his career, Skoglund was an equity analyst and investment banker at Lehman Brothers and worked at Morgan Stanley in equity derivatives. He holds a BS in finance from Miami University, Ohio, and an MBA from the University of Michigan. He is a CFA charterholder. Location: New York

Crowded Trades, Liquidity Problems and Tech Solutions
Bond Managers Power Up for the Digital Future
Seven Ways Fixed-Income Investors Will Benefit from the Digital Revolution

Seven Ways Fixed-Income Investors Will Benefit from the Digital Revolution

by Gershon Distenfeld, Scott DiMaggio, Jeff Skoglund, James Switzer
At long last, fixed-income investing is entering the digital age—and investors should pay close attention to what their asset managers are doing to keep up. From better pricing to better solution design, the digital revolution that’s transforming the fixed-income management landscape can lead to a host of benefits.

Fixed Income, Tech & Innovation

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