Martin Atkin

Martin Atkin

Senior Investment Director—AB Bernstein

17 Years at AB
43 Years of experience

Martin Atkin is a senior member of the Investment Strategy Group for the Private Wealth Management business. This group is responsible for the development and oversight of the Bernstein investment platform and provides asset-allocation recommendations that reflect current market conditions. He returned to Private Wealth Management in 2020, after eight years as a managing director and leader of the team responsible for global portfolio strategy and communication for AB’s Multi-Asset Solutions business. Atkin originally joined Bernstein Private Wealth Management in 2005 and was promoted to national managing director in 2009. Previously, he worked for 23 years in corporate finance at J.P. Morgan, where he served as a managing director and senior investment banker. Atkin was also a member of the investment banking management committee and ran a group that was globally responsible for the recruitment, training and development of all associates and analysts in the investment bank. His early years at J.P. Morgan were spent in London, and he moved to the US in 1987. Atkin holds a BA in economics from Trinity College, Cambridge, and an MA in economics from the University of Cambridge. Location: New York

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