Robert Hopper

Robert Hopper

Director—Corporate Credit and Economic Research

8 Years at AB
23 Years of experience

Robert Hopper is a Senior Vice President and the Director of Corporate Credit and Economic Research. He joined AB in 2013 and now oversees the teams that provide fundamental analysis of global investment-grade, high-yield and emerging-market corporate and sovereign issuers and global economic analysis. Hopper is also responsible for driving the corporate credit research outlook for the Fixed-Income department. He sits on various internal investment committees and is the author of a number of published papers, focused on insights into corporate defaults and fallen angels during the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation risks, and rising star candidates. Earlier in his tenure at AB, Hopper was responsible for coverage of the high-yield telecom, cable, satellite and media sectors. Prior to AB, he was a managing director and head of the High-Yield and Investment-Grade Credit Analyst team at UBS Investment Bank, where he was also the senior high-yield and investment-grade telecom, media and technology analyst. Earlier in his career, Hopper served as an equity analyst at UBS and Bear Stearns. He holds a BS in accounting from Saint Michael’s College and an MBA from Boston College. Location: New York

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