Seeks to provide a high level of current income consistent with preservation of capital by:

  • Employing a US dollar-denominated multi-sector bond approach in search of the best opportunities
  • Dynamically balancing credit and duration through investments in high yield and emerging market sectors to enhance income and dampen interest-rate risk, and in high-quality government bonds to alleviate credit risk when markets are stressed
  • Limiting exposure to below investment-grade rated bonds to 50% and avoiding CCC-rated issuers

Management Team

Scott DiMaggio, CFA
Gershon M. Distenfeld, CFA
Fahd Malik
Matthew Sheridan, CFA
Will Smith, CFA


INVESTMENT RISKS TO CONSIDER: Investment in the Fund entails certain risks.

Investment returns and principal value of the Fund will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Some of the principal risks of investing in the Fund include emerging-markets risk, liquidity risk, focused portfolio risk, portfolio turnover risk, derivatives risk, OTC derivatives risk, structured investments risk, fixed-income securities risk, lower-rated and unrated instruments risk, sovereign debt obligations risk and corporate debt obligations risk. These and other risks are described in the Fund’s prospectus.